My Approach  

I work with a variety of individuals who are experiencing distress in the form of anxiety and/or depression, obsessive thinking/rumination/guilt, and matters of spiritual identity. I also work with couples and young parents who find themselves embroiled in conflict or desiring a deeper connection with each another. I am collaborative, playful, and depth-oriented. I don't treat symptoms but really strive to understand who you are, what's been formative in your past, but most especially your present as we work together towards your goals.

My primary theoretical approach is psycho-dynamic and relational.  I view therapy as a creative, collaborative process and it is the honest emotional encounters between the two of us that I believe can be healing in its ability to manifest change in your life. Some major influences that inform my practice include: psychoanalytic schools of thought, studies in attachment, trauma, developmental psychology, family-systems, and mindfulness-based practices.  

I specialize in working with individuals healing from rigid religious backgrounds who desire a more authentic spiritual life. I see individuals across the religious and non-religious but spiritual spectrum. All are welcome.


  • Difficulty sleeping, eating, exercising, staying focused, irritability.
  • Lack of motivation, loss of pleasure and joy.
  • Anxious thoughts, racing mind, obsessing about past failures, or how they "should" have responded.
  • Excessive guilt and worry about self, others or one's faith.    
  • Generalized obsessions/compulsions including food, exercise, body image.  
  • Out of control anger, frustration, feelings of alienation from others.
  • Difficulty staying in relationships or ending relationships that are hurtful to you.
  • Couples who find themselves in the same argument all the time with no resolution, difficulties establishing family rhythms, and work/life balance. 


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor/WA/LH 60765278
  • Ordained Minister, American Baptist Churches, USA, 2012.
  • Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study (NWAPS), Member